Sunday, July 1, 2012

God is Calling Our Nation back to Him Now

   As I anticipate the 4th of July approaching,I realize that God gave to us this great nation.Our constitution is written according to the Word of God and some great sermons. First presidents prayed always for our nation and even called for national prayer....We use to have the 10 commandments posted everywhere,we knew them as well as we knew our ABC's...did away with that and public prayer,can't mention Jesus,want to do away with the Name our Holy God our very creator and life.Murdering babies in the womb by the millions which are God's heritage....and then ask,in tribulations,afflictions where was God?

I am here to tell you,God no longer protects our nation,He has removed the hedge of protection from our nation,because our Nation kicked God out.She does not want Him or His Word which is considered a hate crime. and allowing all kinds of wickedness which is abominations to God and He forbids.(that is ,America shaking her fist in God's face.) yes,it is.

.......Looking at Dan.9 as Daniel prayed for that nation which had been taken captive by Babylon (Iraq today)...We must see here,that Our nation has been taken captive also by the devil,satan......No nation can stand without God.

...God wants that we fast and pray turning(Repenting from our wicked ways)sins) back unto Him..confessing sins to Him and being forgiven.

.....You know the Middle east hates us; calling us the Great Satan ,as our nation was given much and has done little.

....they hate our filthy movies,the way our women dress and conduct themselves ,in shameful ways.So,imagine how God feels.

....God put us here to walk & talk with Him; for Him to dwell in us.

.....You know,prayer and fasting can hold back God's Judgment over our nation......You can see God's Judgment everywhere right now.

....Looking at Nineveh,Jonah prophesied God's coming judgment over them,they listened to the prophet and repented from their wicked ways ,turning back to God,and then God also turned from what He planned to do to them to destroy them because of their wickedways.Jonah3:5 on.

.....If we do not heed God's call for our nation to turn back to Him now.......One day ,we will wake up and find the America we knew,is gone.

......America has fallen and can't get up without God.Washington cannot and will not help our nation,Only God can do that,if He hears our hearts cry unto Him for His Forgiveness,mercy and Grace...and I add 2Chron.7:14 If My people which are called by My Name(America in this case) shall humble themselves and pray,and seek My Face,and turn from their wicked ways ;I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and I will heal their land.God's Word ,believe it. you heed God's call now,for our nation (You) to Repent from our wicked ways back unto Him fasting and praying...asking for our forgiveness of our sins He will hear our hearts cry and forgive us..when you do this; call for national forgiveness ,as our nation must turn back to God as well......or she is DONE.

......God's judgment is already over much of our nation...God is saying ,YES,and warn them,they have seen nothing......God keeps warning by His Apostles and Prophets and nobody listens. they love darkness(sin and lust) more then the Light,Jesus Christ and His shed Blood who has brought us back unto God thru Him...and yes,They also reject the way the truth and the Life John14:6...The Lamb of God by which we can have everlasting life and forgiveness by the power of His shed Blood Eph.1:7.......Dan.9:17-19 ....Celebrate our nations freedom by answering God's call to us for repentance and prayer,turning back to God now while we still have a chance......We can stand in our Lord..if we repent.
.....From Abraham and Sarah ,when sarah grew impatient,having Abraham be with their maid Hagar, Ishmael came into the world(not what God wanted )God's blessing over Ishmael Gen.16:10-12...Abrahanm's seed which God promised was Issac.Ishmael resented Issac....You all know the story,it is still that way today and to the very end....the split family fighting . God is the Only Answer..if we hear the call of God now and answer with repentance and prayer ,He will hear our hearts cry and America will stand again.Only By Repentance,prayer and fasting unto Almighty God.;in Jesus' Name. We do not have to fall completely,it is all up to us as a Nation,turn back to God while we still can. God Bess you.    Prophetess Joan Rogers........